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Gaelic Telecom's Customer Portal - Billing & Payments

Customers of Gaelic Telecom can log in to our unique customer portal and manage all aspects of their billing and payments history including:

  • view your invoice history and details;
  • view itemised call details for past invoices;
  • generate reports from the calls you made such as an itemised list of all calls to 086 between certain dates;
  • view your Gaelic Telecom broadband usage details such as time on-line and data uploaded and downloaded from the past twelve months including up-to-date details on this month; and
  • view the details of the calls you made using your Gaelic Telecom Free Call!ng VoIP subscription right up to and including the last call you made.

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Gaelic Telecom, Communications House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.
Tel: 01 437 5000 Fax: 01 437 5070
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