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Welcome to Gaelic Telecom's Customer Portal

Gaelic Telecom welcomes you to our customer portal. This will be your gateway for managing all aspects of your Gaelic Telecom telephone, broadband and Free Calling products.

Customer Warning, May 2010

It has come to our attention that a number of fraudulent emails are being circulated purporting to be from Gaelic Telecom. These emails request you to open and run a file to restore your mailbox.

The email claims to be an official notification from Gaelic Telecom. This mail is NOT from Gaelic Telecom - it is a fraudulent attempt to gain access to your mailbox.

Please insure that your anti-virus is up to date and working correctly, as we have received a number of reports of electronic greeting cards sent as attachments that are in fact a virus.

If you have received this mail DO NOT RETURN ANY DETAILS or click on any links or attachments. Forward the email to then delete it without clicking on any links or attachments.

Gaelic Telecom will NEVER send you e-mails asking you to run any files.

Kind Regards,
Gaelic Telecom Customer Service Team

Through your portal you can:

  • view and change your payment details, your telephone packs and your broadband facilities;
  • read your e-mail while on the move and add or modify email accounts;
  • get support from our help centre;
  • view your latest invoices including itemised call listings;
  • search through the calls you made and download them to generate your own reports using applications such as MS Excel;
  • and much much more!

Current Republic of Ireland Gaelic Telecom broadband customers need only enter their Gaelic Telecom username and password into the login box on the left hand side of this page to avail of any of these services. Existing Republic of Ireland telephone only customers need to sign-up here for immediate access. Six county customers need to click here.

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